Use Case - E-Commerce Portal (Online)

It is very often the case that you want to reward your customers with great discounts. The best way to do this is using coupons. Coupons are the basically the codes that the you send to your customers which can be used for some rewards or discounts. 

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Use Case - Physical Store

It is often very difficult for the physical stores to leverage the marketing through discount vouchers. The realities of retail IT systems and hardware, when combined with the need for significant training of store personnel and customers, makes it even worse. 

We have listed some of the challenges which are generally faced by the store owners

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Make your platform ready for festive season in India

As the year is falling, the festive is round the corner in India. So how do you ensure that you can gain from this festive using your platform?

As every festival have their own charm, one thing which is common to all the festivals is discounts, because people love to spend on the products which get at lower price than their original price. Discounts have proven themselves to be highly effective sales tools for every conceivable size and type of business.

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5 Benefits of Using Coupons to boost your Business

In recent series of survey, Consumer research firm confirmed that 91 percent of customers who redeemed a coupon with a retailer intended to revisit that brand again. Even more interesting, 62 percent of customers surveyed said that they would be likely to share localised deals with friends and 63 percent said that coupons add more value to their shopping experience than any other form of mobile marketing

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