Different ways to enter promo codes

The online coupon seems like a simple, straightforward way to increase conversions, but that's not necessarily the case. Instead of using coupon codes to spur sales at checkout, savvy business owners are finding ways to leverage discounts to track customers, build affiliate relationships and more.

So we have put together some of the different ways in which online merchants take the promo codes as input.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords takes the users to a completely different page for entering the promo codes and once the code is entered it remains save under the account of the customer until the offer is exhausted.

Amazon (India -E-Commerce)

Amazon offers a single common text field for entering the codes for gift cards, vouchers & promotional codes in the checkout page. The advantage of using a single box for all these codes is that only 1 type of promotions can be used in any order and prevents you from writing the validations in case multiple codes are used. But if you wish offer your customers to use multiple codes in single order then this may not be your best choice.

Flipkart (E-Commerce)

Flipkart only gives the options to pay the amount using Gift Cards and does not use coupons or discount vouchers on their platform. Their pay via gift option is directly clubbed with other methods of payment which makes it easily visible and looks the page less clutter.

Myntra (Fashion E-Commerce)

Myntra shows the coupons for all the promotions running on their platform and segregate them as “Coupons not valid for this order” as per the validations of the promo codes. This is a very good way to encourage the users to force them to buy more by showing them all the promotions currently live. Also, this saves time of the customers by not using a hit and trial method to get the discounts.

Uber (India - Cab Services)

Uber provides a complete separate section under the Payment tabs on their mobile apps. Here also just like Google Adwords, the codes once entered remains saved under the customer account until the promotion is over or exhausted. This makes it easy for the customers to track if they are using any promotions for their rides.

Ola (Cab Services)

Ola gives you option to apply coupon codes just before booking any ride. The advantage of this option is you can choose which promotions to use for the particular ride. But it can be disadvantage too as the customers needs to remember and type the promo codes every time they are booking the ride.

Paytm (Online E-Wallet)

Paytm, an e-wallet provider in India provides the customers the question “Have a Promocode?” to enter the promo codes every time they want to load the money into their wallet. Asking a question to the customer makes them feel personal and users are more likely to use that option. Once the link on the question is tapped, customers are shown a popup with dark black background to enter the code and don’t take them to any new page. This make the process looks more smoother.

FreeCharge (Recharge Services and E-Wallet)

Freecharge, an e-wallet and recharge service in India allows their customers to enter the code at the time of choosing the payment method. The promo codes box is shown directly to the user so that they can just start writing the promo code.

Vauchar (SAAS Services)

Here at Vauchar, we give the option to enter the promo codes at the package detail page just before making the payment option with no redirection or pop ups which makes the process fast and easy to use.


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