Customer service best practices require a lot more than a smile, although that’s certainly a good start. Happy customers lead to repeat business, increased positive reviews, and increased social signals with positive sentiment (which boots overall organic search visibility), and no company can exist without their customers. Besides the obvious approach of fulfilling your customer’s wants or needs, what other techniques do you use to keep customers happy?  Here are 5 ways to bring smiles to your customers’ faces by making them feel special

A birthday note for your customers

Yes, this takes a bit of tracking, but it’s an easy and inexpensive way to show customers that you care! This can be easily automated with Vauchar and Mailchimp. You can even send the discount coupon on your note. Check out our post on this here

Provide your customers with discounts

Reward customers by providing great value for an affordable price. Providing a perk, such as a discount or free shipping for future purchases is a nice touch, rewarding customers for their business and incentivizing them to come back! Again, Vauchar can help you achieve this very easily.

Remember Them

Maybe you welcome your customers by first name when you run into them or you greet them in a way that shows you recognize them, demonstrating that you remember your customers makes them feel important. Take every opportunity to thank them for their business. A simple but powerful tool to reinforce how much they are appreciated

Caring about customer's issues

Have a conversation with a customer to discover what’s going on with them; don’t flog your message and products at them. If something is wrong with the work or service you’re providing, then take whatever steps are necessary to fix the issue.  When customers are confident that you will take care of them, not only in that moment, but in future builds their trust in you while giving them a reason to come back again. There will be problems no matter how committed a company is to service. Handling it quickly and professionally is step one, but following up is just as important. Customers need to know your company cares and doesn’t push things under the rug once a solution is found.

Taking feedback

Show customers that your care by listening to their advice.  If they have feedback for you or your business, they will feel appreciated if you consider their feedback and if appropriate, make necessary adjustments to your business based on their recommendations.


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