When money is tight, nothing should come between a customer and their purchase.

But there can be small ways that we make it harder for them to spend - they may have made sense in boom times, but they don't now.

It’s challenging enough to bring in new customers, harder still to keep them, and downright difficult to get them to spend more. But that isn’t to say that it can’t be done. Here’s how.

Sell Gift Cards and Vouchers

Yes, we remind people about this a lot. Join up with one of the services that manage the payments and administration for you, or set up your own. At the simplest, have a fax-back form that can be returned with credit card details. A restaurant experience is perfect for the person 'who has everything'. 

Install Limited Time Offers

Shoppers love feeling proud of themselves for having snagged an awesome deal, especially if it’s something that won’t be around forever. It gives them a sense of accomplishment for capitalising on something at a specific time, even though they didn’t actually achieve anything that involved effort.

Learn about the Subliminal Influences of Colour

Colours are divided into one of two camps: warm hues, or cool hues. Warm hues are your reds, oranges and yellows, while cool hues are your blues, greens and purples. The trick is knowing how to play around with each colour to maximize customers’ buying.

Throw in Small-Purchase Items

The goal is to always increase sales, and the smart way is to chip away at it little by little. Ask any baseball player what their goal is when they step up at bat, and most of them will say it’s to connect with the ball strategically based on what pitch is thrown, and not to swing as though everything is a homerun-worthy pitch.

Make a great first impression. 

Engage customers with a strong welcome. “This first impression sets the tone for whatever interaction is to follow,” Hyken says. 


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