Use Case - Event Ticketing

Are you organising an event and want a quick and handy software solution to use for ticketing for it.

Learn how achieve this easily with Vauchar Mobile application

Using Voucher Mobile application, you can generate unique code for each ticket directly from the mobile application, share the code with your attendees digitally along with url to QR code and verify the code at the time of event.

In this guide we will be covering 3 parts

Part 1: Creation of unique codes for each ticket

Part 2: Sharing of code with the attendee

Part 3: Validating and redeeming the code for each ticket.

Part 1: Creation of unique codes for each ticket

Using Vauchar you can generate unique codes for every ticket or access pass which can be used by your event attendees. Vauchar mobile app is available on both Apple App Store (download here) and Google Play Store (download here)

Step 1

Open the Vauchar mobile application and login with your Vauchar account. (If you don't have an Vauchar account, you can create a free account by visiting here)

Note: You can create multiple accounts for each of your team member have their own login credentials. To know about adding team member, please visit here. (This feature is available only for paid accounts).

Step 2

After logging into your account on Vauchar app, click on the Add Voucher button.

Step 3

Enter the details for the ticket like below:

  • Value: You can enter the price of the ticket here. Helpful incase you have different price slabs for tickets of the event,

  • Value Unit: Select Value on this field

  • Expire After: Select the event date or the date on which you want the ticket to be no longer valid.

  • Currency: Choose the currency as per your requirement.

Step 4

After filling in the details, select the Create Voucher button. You Unique Code will be shown the screen along with other details.


Part 2: Sharing of code with the attendee

You can share the generated unique code along with URL to QR code for fast scanning and validation.


To share the code with your attendee, click on the Share Code button when the code is shown on the screen, select the option how you want to share the code. You can share via sms or third party apps like whatsapp, messenger, etc. While sharing the code, an url will also be generated, which will take the attendees to a landing page with QR code.

Part 3: Validating and redeeming the code for each ticket

Step 1

Click on the Scan Code if you want scan the QR code (if available) or to enter the Code Manually click on Redeem Voucher button from the home screen.

Step 2

Scan the QR code or Enter the Unique Code manually and select the Validate option. If the code is Valid, the details of the code will shown on the screen (as shown on screenshot below)

Step 3

Click on the Redeem Code button the mark the code as redeemed. Enter the details of the user.

  • User ID (required): Here, you can enter the details for inter records like guest sequence number, invite number or guest phone number.

  • User Email (optional): You can enter the emails of the attendee.

  • User Phone (optional): You can enter the phone number of the attendee.

  • Transaction ID (optional): This is for you internal record keeping.

  • Discount Given (option): In case any discount is given the user, you can enter the details here.

Step 4

Select the Redeem button. A confirmation screen will be shown which means the ticket has been redeemed successfully and cannot be used again.



You can track the details of every unique codes from your dashboard by going to the Vouchers tab.

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