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It is often very difficult for the physical stores to leverage the marketing through discount vouchers. The realities of retail IT systems and hardware, when combined with the need for significant training of store personnel and customers, makes it even worse. 

We have listed some of the challenges which are generally faced by the store owners

  • Issues with point-of-sale scanning of coupons and offers with complex process.
  • Line hold-ups caused by redemption due to slow processing of systems.
  • Redemption policies that conflict with other previous redemptions.
  • Outdated retail systems that lack coupon functionality.
  • Need for significant training of store personnel.


How to achieve this using Vauchar

To overcome these challenges, we have introduced Vauchar, our all in one cloud based fully managed voucher management tool. We will help you through the whole process with our step-by-step guide to show you, how it can be easily done using Vauchar, with no technical knowledge required.

In this guide we will be covering 3 parts

  • Part 1: Creating Coupon for your customers.
  • Part 2: Redeeming the coupons at physical store.
  • Part 3. Tracking the redemptions for the coupon code.

Part 1: Creating Coupon for your customers.

1. Create a Vauchar account at

2. Create discount coupons or vouchers for your customers.

3. Once you are logged in, you have an option to create two type of discounts for your customers.

  • Coupons : These are easy to read codes (eg: SAVE10, BLACKFRIDAY) which can be redeemed multiple times.
  • Vouchers: These are one time usage codes and becomes invalid after it is redeemed once.

In this guide we will giving the discounts using coupons. Once on the dashboard page, click on coupons or go here : And click on Add new Coupon button. You need to enter the details to create coupon, we have shown a sample data in the image below



4. After the coupon is created, it’s ready to be distributed among your customers. You can use various channels to distribute the coupons like advertisements, emails, sms etc.

Part 2: Redeeming the coupons at physical store

1. Open mobile app of Vauchar 

App is available for iOS and Android Platform

2. Login with the same account on which the coupon is created in the mobile app.

3. Click on Reedeem Coupon and enter the coupon code (In our case its SUPERSAVER10) and the Unique Customer ID which you use for your customers (if you don’t have any such value, you can use their phone number or email id) and click on validate.

4. A confirmation screen (as shown below) will shown if the coupon is valid. Great, that means the coupon is valid and customer is eligible for giving discounts


5. Click on redeem coupon and enter the details of the customer in the next screen. (A reference screenshot is shown below) and click on Redeem Coupon


6. A confirmation screen will be shown if the the redemption is successful (screenshot show below).



Part 3: Tracking the redemptions

  1. You can go to redemptions tab of the coupon to view and track all the redemptions made using this coupon. (Screenshot shown below)


Here a short video tutorial to help you understand better


So are you ready to reward your customers?

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