Shopify Automation with Vauchar

It is often the case when you want to send discount codes to your customers in the emails while using automations on third party emails providers like Mailchimp, Aweber, Getresponse, Active Response, but there is no easy solution for this.

If you want achieve this, the steps generally involves generating bulk codes in your Shopify store and exporting these codes to third party apps which is not only insecure but also difficult to track and manage.

Vauchar will help you to manage discount codes for your Shopify store in the effective way.

The main features of Vauchar are:

  • Distribute unique codes by directly embedding the discount code url in the emails sent out using third party email services.
  • Integrates with all major email services like Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Aweber, Campaign Monitor, GetResponse, SendGrid and more.
  • Details statistics of all the redemptions of the discount codes.

Using Vauchar, you can now easily to distribute discount codes to your customers in automations emails like customer's birthdays with different email providers in an easy and manageable way. When you integrate your store with Vauchar, all the discount codes generated under your Vauchar account (currently only for campaigns) will be synced automatically with your Shopify Store. This means the discount codes will be generated automatically only when required, so that you don't need to generate bulk codes.

Also, we will track the redemptions on for the discount codes so that you can easily check the progress of your campaigns from the Vauchar's dashboard.

Steps to set up integration between Shopify and Vauchar

In this guide we will be covering 3 parts:

  • Connecting your Shopify store with Vauchar account
  • Creating campaigns on Vauchar to distribute code
  • Using the campaign link in automations to distribute the code

Note: You need to have a Vauchar account for the integration process. If you don't have an account, you can create you account by visiting here

Part 1: Connecting your Shopify store with Vauchar account

To connect your Shopify Store with Vauchar, go to the Apps section from your Vauchar's dashboard and select Shopify. (Shopify is currently available on Paid account only)

Click on the connect app button.


Enter your store url and continue. (Your store url will look typically like this:


Click on the Install App in the next screen. Now your Vauchar account is connected to your shopify store.

Part 2: Creating campaigns on Vauchar to distribute code

After you have connected your Shopify store with your Vauchar account, you need to create campaigns to distribute your discount codes using automations in third party mail.

To create the campaign, go to the Campaigns tab from your dashboard and click on Add New Campaign. Select the third party email provider where you will be using the automation.

Note: You need to also connect your third party email provider before you can proceed.

In this tutorial, we are using the automations from the Mailchimp for testing purpose.



Select the list to which you will be sending the discount codes.

Enter the details of the campaigns. The important option is Sync codes with your Shopify store. Set this option to Yes so that all the codes which are generated by Vauchar are automatically synced with your Shopify store.


After the creation of campaign is successful, you will get the Campaign Link for the campaign which will look something like below:*|EMAIL|*&unique_id=*|UNIQID|*

Now you can use this Campaign Link in the automation email of your third party email provider.

Part 3: Using the campaign link in automations to distribute the code

When setting up the email in your third party email provider, you need to insert Campaign Link which you have received in the prevoius steps. 

After you have inserted the link in the automation mail in third party email provider, your mails are ready to be sent. Now whenever your customers click on the link on the email, a discount code will be shown to the customer and the code will also be automatically inserted into the shopify store which means your customers can use the code in your shopify store.

We have also written an excellent guide on setting up birthday automation using Mailchimp and Vauchar's campaigns. You can find the guide here

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