In the current scenario, e-commerce business is very competitive. In order to get new customers, you have to do advertisements and do many expenditures. Moreover, there is no guaranty of getting new customers as per your target. Creating new customer plays a very vital role in business, but retaining your old customers will make a bigger impact in your business as they are aware of your brand value, products, and your quality services.

As a business owner, you need to analyse how many visitors to your website are the actual buyers. Making new customer is important. Nevertheless, retaining old customers and make them buy products again is affordable one and it will be easy to grow your business.

Below techniques can be useful to retain your old customers:

1.    Providing a guest checkout point

While in hurry, many customers do not want to make a new profile by filling up the whole form. Provide them an easy guest checkout option to buy the products quickly. Now, the point is how to track that customer for the later purchase? After the purchase, you may insist the customer create a profile by e-mail.

When a customer buys for the first time, he has to fill the required details such as e-mail id, address, credit or debit card details. Offer them the one-click option, so at later purchase, they do not need to fill all details again.

2.    Make Loyalty Programme

Nowadays many brands are adapting loyalty programme. This feature will make your customers buy products from you repeatedly. The customer will gain more points as much he buys. Convert these points to the currency to make your customers redeem it while buying any products. With it, also make a surprise gift for your most loyal customer. A surprise gift can make the customer buy products from your website more and it makes him publicize your company to his friends and relatives.

3.    Use Cross sales

A customer always waits for a discount sale. Instead of always, offering discounts try to use cross sale option. While a customer purchase a blazer, offer him related products such as shirts and tie to buy. In this buy, offer him a discount code, which can be used by his friends on doing purchase. After his friend's successful purchase, the customer will get a bonus for the next purchase. In this way, you will retain your old customer and will make a new customer.

4.    Send E-mails

E-mail is one of the most convenient ways of offering your customer to let them know about the new arrival and their interest in products on their wish list. Also, send a discount coupon to the newsletter's subscribers. On e-mail always, show that the customer is very special for you. Make sure that the customer know about his order status time to time by e-mail.

5.    Use Social media

Nowadays the youngsters are more active on Social Media. It is one of the best ways to build relationships with your customers. Make your official page on Social Medias and promote your brands. Notify the followers of your page with new arrivals and discounted products.

6.    Subscription of Business model

The subscription process is one of the most convenient ways to keep your customer for a long time. You can offer a faster delivery option with free shipping to the subscribed members. On sale time, you can make your subscribed customers to access your discounted products before it will be live to all. This will make the customer very special and make them more interested to buy products.

7.    Outstanding customer support

Convenient and fast customer support is very much essential to retain your customers. A customer always tries to solve the issues with a well-mannered customer support. Always try to install a chat option on your website for the fast response. You can also keep the option for telephone and e-mail for the support.


Above are few techniques, which are discussed from lots of the techniques. If you like, any one of them try to implement it to your business and check how it will work on your business.

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