Joining in the celebration of someone’s birthday is both an intimate and fun experience, which serves to strengthen the bond between consumer and brand while also demonstrating appreciation for their patronage. Getting a “happy birthday” is exciting and definitely gets your customer’s attention. It is a level of personalization that people are obsessed with, so why not take advantage of it in ecommerce?

Many retailers solve this by giving the customer a coupon. But the process generally involves complex automations which are time consuming and often don’t perform well.


If you are using Mailchimp as your email provider, you can get this whole process automated. We will help you through the whole process with our step-by-step guide to show you, how it can be easily done using Vauchar and mailchimp, with no technical knowledge required:

In this guide we will be covering 3 parts

  • Part 1: Creating campaign for your generating vouchers for you customers
  • Part 2: Setting up the automation in Mailchimp for birthday mails
Part 1: Creating campaign for your generating vouchers for you customers

To run the birthday automation, first we need to create a new campaign on Vauchar. To do this, navigate to Campaigns tab on your dashboard and go to Add New Campaign

  • Select MailChimp app from the apps list and move to next screen.
  • Select the subscriber list to which you want to send the birthday mails. (The list must have the birthday field, adding if birthday field is covered in part 2)
  • Enter the details of the campaigns like the discount you want to give to your customers and click on Create Campaign

You will get the link for the campaign which will look something like this:*|EMAIL|*&unique_id=*|UNIQID|*


Part 2: Setting up the automation in Mailchimp for birthday mails

The first step is to add Birthday Support to your MailChimp Subscriber List

Step 1. Add Birthday Support to your MailChimp Subscriber List

The most basic newsletter signup requires only an email address, but we want ours to be so little fancy that it also includes the subscriber’s birthday. We will need to capture their birth month and day. MailChimp provides this feature built-in. From your MailChimp dashboard, navigate to the desired subscriber list and edit the settings for List fields and *|MERGE|* tags, like this:

From there, select a field to add, click on the Birthday button and save it!

Step 2. Get the Customer’s Birthday

Now you need to ask the customer for their birthday. You can do this by creating a sign-up form for your subscriber list that includes the birthday field. You can do it easily by going to sans-plugin and use the native form creation tools provided by MailChimp.

Step 3. Set up an Automated Email

So now we’ve got a matching subscriber list in MailChimp to accommodate that birthday field. Next up we need to create an automated email that will be the basis of our Birthday Email. To do that we’re going to set up an Autoresponder. Go to the Autoresponders page and click the Create Autoresponders button and select the Birthday as trigger for the event.

Set the remaining delivery options as you wish and then proceed to create your campaign as you normally would. Now, be sure to include your the url of the campaign you received when you created on Vauchar in your campaign template, like this:

At the end of the process, instead of the usual option to schedule a campaign, you’ll see an option to Start Your Autoresponder. Do it, and you are now ready to go.

When your customers will receive their birthday mail and clicks on the links, they will be taken to a landing page where they can get their discount code.

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