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It is very often the case that you want to reward your customers with great discounts. The best way to do this is using coupons. Coupons are the basically the codes that the you send to your customers which can be used for some rewards or discounts. 

The process generally involves where the customers are supposed to pick up the products from the list, add them to cart and proceed with checkout and payment. Generally it’s the checkout page where the customers is shown the total value they need to pay in total and the best place for the customers to use the coupon codes to get discounts on the their purchase.

But giving discounts using coupons can be a lot more complex than it seems to be and due to this complexity, business often loose their potential customers or have to move their products at price lower than their profitable margins. Moreover, if you want to track the redemptions and discounts given to customers for coupons, the situation becomes more worse.


Whenever you want integrate any such coupon system, you need to have a discussion with your technical team and achieve it using various solutions based on custom codes, spreadsheets and databases, means a separate piece of software which requires its own resources and time to build and maintain. And not to mention, a full dev cycle if you want to add new features to it.

Making it simpler with Vauchar

1. Create a account on Vauchar

You can create your account on Vauchar by visiting here. (It's free to get started)

2. Checkout Flow Integration

The simplest integration will be to create a text box where the user can enter the coupon codes at the checkout screen, just before the payment has to be done by the customer. You can customise the appearance and location of the box so that it’s easily accessible for your customers.

3. Integration with Backend

Now since your platform is ready for the customers to enter the coupon codes, you need to integrate it in the backend to verify the coupon code using Vauchar API, calculate the discount and store the information back to the system. 

The process generally involves the following steps

  • The customer enter the coupon code in the text box on the checkout page.
  • You app requests a code validation from the Vauchar Server to validate the code and get the discount value.
  • The Vauchar Server responds with the validation code and the details about the coupon like discount value, discount unit, etc.
  • When the customer confirms/submits their order on the checkout page, a request is made from your app to redeem the code to Vauchar server in correct format.
  • The redemption gets added in the Vauchar system and responds with redemption id which can be stored in your app if needed.

Vauchar Backend Integration Diagram

We provide REST API for our system which you can integrate in your app. You can find the detailed documentation about our APIs here.

4. Creating discounts coupon/vouchers for your customers

After logging into your account on Vauchar, you have an option to create two type of discounts for your customers.
Coupons: These are easy to read codes (eg: SAVE10, BLACKFRIDAY) which can be redeemed multiple times.
Vouchers: These are one time usage codes and becomes invalid after it is redeemed once.

After the coupon/voucher is created, it’s ready to be distributed among your customers. You can use various channels to distribute the coupons like advertisements, emails, sms etc

5. Tracking the redemptions

Since now your customers already have their discount coupon, You can go to redemptions tab of the coupon to view and track all the redemptions made by your customers.

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