As the year is falling, the festive is round the corner in India. So how do you ensure that you can gain from this festive using your platform?

As every festival have their own charm, one thing which is common to all the festivals is discounts, because people love to spend on the products which get at lower price than their original price. Discounts have proven themselves to be highly effective sales tools for every conceivable size and type of business.

Advertising Age (the Bible of the advertising industry) reports that 87% of all shoppers use discounts vouchers. Another independent marketing research firm, the A.C. Nielson Co., reveals that 95% of all shoppers like discount vouchers. And 60% actively look for discount vouchers.

But to bring in the reality half of the platform are not even ready to handle the management of discounts vouchers and other half, (apart from few) do not have a central place or a tool using which they can create, schedule and track the discounts on their platform.

So how you ensure that you are into the game this festive season?

So to resolve this we have introduced Vauchar, a fully managed voucher management system to make your platform more rewarding by providing a all in one tool to go create vouchers, schedule their start and end time, track redemptions and get analytics for each and every vouchers and their redemptions.

Just by writing few lines of codes, you can integrate Vauchar with your platform. Once integrated you can easily manage all your vouchers from once central place. Vauchar will also remind you of various upcoming festivals from time to time so that you can plan accordingly for the upcoming festivals.

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