Release Notes (Version 1.4)

Addition of Campaigns

Campaigns help you to easily distribute and create voucher with several app integrations. Currently we are adding support for mailchimp and will keep adding more from time to time. Campaigns can also to be retrieved via API. Currently editing and deleting of apps is only available through UI, and not from API.

Addition of Apps Integration

One place to see all the apps which we integrate with our system. You can connect and know about the usage guide for each app from this section.

Integration with Mailchimp

Now integrate your account with Mailchimp to send out voucher codes to new or existing subscribers easily. Just use the Redeem Link in in your email button/hyperlink templates and when this button/hyperlink is clicked by a subscriber they are taken to a landing page where their unique code is shown. To see the usage guide and connect you account with mailchimp, visit the app section.